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Working as a multidisciplinary artist I explore methods of categorization between the primal and the civilised. Subverting familiar structures and representations, I ask to expand our perception and understanding of the visual forces that shape us. I create a syntax between works of various mediums and techniques, making connections and collisions between conceptual and romantic contents. Questions arise about how a civilised consciousness is shaped in contemporary society, compared to the necessity of a less refined state of being.

My work takes on various forms, intending to challenge the viewer's previous assumptions, to become involved in the construction of speculative utopian and dystopian plots. I apply strategies of voyeurism and peeping through the usage of hidden cameras, the exploitation of found footage and found archives; in order to uncover anxieties related to a personal and national crisis of identity and belonging.

My use of materials is always calculated and blended for a purpose, always looking for the unexpected and relying on humor to levy weighty subjects. The message that I intend to permeate through my works is that layers of meaning are continuously piled one on top of the other, and are accessible and malleable.

Working mainly as an installation artist, along the years I also developed a body of works of painting on paper, digital prints and found objects. I see painting as an arena of action in which arbitrary and calculated elements come together in an attempt to order a chaotic state of awareness suspended between the uncultivated and the domesticated. I work with diluted oil paints, pigments, crayons and pencils. the images and ideas in my paintings borrow from popular culture, literature, archaeology and cinema. In the transition between images dealing with masculinity and sexuality to abstract painting, I seek to create a pictorial space in which the sacred and the profane collide.