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DEBTS, 2015
Solo Exhibition, Hezi Cohen Gallery, curator Ofra Harnam
Text by Ofra Harnam, PDF link

Exhibition view
Editor Death, 2012

oil, ink and spray on Fabriano paper, 84x49 cm

Untitled, 2011

oil and pigments on black card board, 66x44 cm

Untitled, 2015

oil on paper, 38x26cm

Debts, Exhibition view, Hezi Cohen Gallery, 2015
skewer, 2015

oil and pigments on paper, 178x128 cm

Untitled, 2015

Pastel on paper, 61x48

Hands Congruent, 2014

oil on paper, 88x88 cm

Untitled, 2015

Oil on paper, 31x22 cm

On Fire, 2015

Pastel on paper, 61x48 cm

Owl, 2014

Oil and charcoal on paper, 66x53 cm

The Sentence, 2013

Oil, pencil and pigments on cotton paper, 78x49 cm

Dogs, 2015

Oil and pigments on paper, 30x20 cm