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Built with Indexhibit best Friend Girl friend, 2006, pencils on paper, 28x17 cm.jpg
Girl friend, 2006 End, 2009, Pencils on paper, 32x21 cm.jpg
The End, 2009 with two horns, 2017, paster and charcoal on paper, 30x20 xm.jpg
House with two horns, 2017
Gang on the hill, 2017 tv.jpg
Woman Watching Tv, 2006 the Orgy, 2011, ink and pencil on paper, 32x22 cm.jpg
After the Orgy, 2011 kiss, 2017, 30x20 cm, pencil on paper, Yaron Attar.jpg
Triple Kiss, 2017, 2013, pencil on paper, 24x14 cm.jpg
Mooning, 2013לחלל .jpg
Untitled, 2017, 2011, Pencils on paper, 32x21 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2011 face, 2012, ink and charcoal on paper, 44x28 cm.jpg
Dick face, 2012, 2006, Pencils and pen on paper, 32x21 cm.jpg
Exit, 2006, 2007, pencils on paper, 36x28 cm.jpg
Monkey Projection, 2007, 2012, pastel and oil on paper, 25x22 cm.jpg
King, 2012, 2014, Colored markers on paper, 29x19 cm.jpg
Fire-hood, 2014הביניים.jpg
Mad & Evil Times, 2011, 2011, marker on paper, 32x32 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2011 story of my best friend.jpg
The story of my best friend, 2008, 2007, marker and charcoal on a printed paper, 32x20 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2007
Shimon's Death, 2016 shower, 2009, pen on paper, 18x18 cm.jpg
Mutual shower, 2009 (x), 2011, Charcoal on paper, 32x21 cm.jpg
Untitled (x), 2011, 2009, Pen on paper, 30x20 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2009 portrait, 2006, ink, pencil and white chracoal on paper, 30x22 cm.jpg
self portrait, 2006