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a Table, a Chair and Things, 2015 Garden, 2009, Pen on paper, 30x20 cm.jpg
Fence, 2009
Woman, 1994 eye, 2014.jpg
Third Eye, 2014 are they, 2010, Pencil on paper, 32x21 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2010, 2013, pencil on a note book paper, 20x12 cm.jpg
Thinker, 2013 woman, 1998, charcoal and pencils on paper 30x20 cm.jpg
jill, 1998 and fuck, 2008, pencil on paper 30x20 cm.jpg
Walk and Fuck, 2008, 2011, pen on paper, 30x20.jpg
Tal, 2011 and my Mother, 2007, pen and pencils on paper, 30x20 cm.jpg
Me and my Mother, 2007 Hamza, colored pencil on note book paper, 20x12 cm.jpg
Abu Hamza, 2006, 2010, charcoal on paper, 29x19 cm.jpg
Untitled, 2010, 2011, Pen and computer print on paper, 30x20 cm.jpg
Self-portrait, 2011 man and the evil dr_.jpg
Poor Man and the Evil Dr. 2011 with Fire And Marbles, 2010, Color pencil and pen on paper, 32x22.jpg
Playing with Fire And Marbles, 2010 Shot, 2012, pen on paper, 31x20 cm.jpg
One Shot, 2012, 2011, pencil and oil on paper, 32x22.jpg
Pirates, 2011